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                           I think we all have a tendency to be status conscious to some degree. Our culture drives us to think in those terms. Be the best. It’s inherent in our nature. And our impulse is to be recognized for our achievements. Sports for instance. If you're not playing to win and be the best at whatever level you're competing, then what's the point? I believe it was Knute Rockne that said, if winning isn’t important, then why do we keep score.  Even just a friendly game of corn hole in the back yard, we make sure we're keeping an accurate track of the score. It can get really competitive, especially when the game’s close. I always love Tee Ball. Nobody kept score. But every parent knew exactly what the score was. And to a degree that’s fine, I suppose. Just adds to the fun. Or it can anyway.  Now I don’t know how many of you have been involved in competitive sports. That was my life for a lot of years. And that’s a whole different can of worms tha